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The Ultimate Cyber Security Checklist For Irish Employees – eBook

Does your business have a cyber security checklist ready for when catastrophe strikes?

Businesses were forced to undergo significant transformations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and while many offices around the country have opened up again, many people are still working from home. While it is clear that remote working provides some considerable benefits, employees need to be more aware than ever of the risks associated with such a working setup, including potentially exposing sensitive company information. A rigorous cyber security checklist is indispensable in preventing catastrophes such as these.

Any organisation’s cyber security programme comprises the people, procedures, and tools used to detect and mitigate cyber risks – but with so many moving parts and components to consider, there is always room for error. To help your company improve its overall cyber security, we’ve put together this free, downloadable eBook to help employers and employees keep their data secure when working from home.

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