The Best Virtual Desktop Services For Businesses

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Virtual desktop services offer a vast array of benefits to modern businesses.

In this article, we explore the advantages that virtual desktop services can offer your organisation, along with a rundown of the best ones on the market as we approach 2023.


Why do businesses need virtual desktop services?


DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is a unique type of cloud-based service that lets users run a desktop environment through a virtual machine that is hosted in the public cloud.

Simply put – it’s your work desktop, securely accessible anywhere, and on any device.

When you implement DaaS, you have access to the same system resources and applications you would use if the virtual machine environment was a true, physical computer or laptop rather than a virtual desktop operating in the cloud.

Since the virtual desktop solution is deployed on the internet, it has the optional component of a physical endpoint, like a PC or other hardware. With the best virtual services, you can feel confident that it will be simple and cost-effective to secure a solution for remote working.


The rapid growth of virtual desktop services


While virtual desktops and DaaS aren’t new services, their market share has grown considerably in recent years as their technology has developed. One of the biggest components contributing to its growth was the pandemic when millions of people started working from home.

DaaS has become particularly popular because virtual desktops offer a flexible and secure option for businesses to support their remote employees and the practices of BYOD (bring your device) they have begun to use.

With the DaaS framework, the provider you choose handles the logistical and technical aspects of the app environments and cloud desktops. Your business then effectively rents the services for a lot less than it would cost to build it yourself, especially when considering the cost of maintenance.


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The best virtual desktop services for businesses


There is a multitude of DaaS providers to choose from, and for each, you must consider several factors, including cost, scalability, security, usability and services.


Azure Virtual Desktop from Microsoft


Azure Virtual Desktop has seen incredible user growth in recent years, combining the scale, security, and cost benefits of Azure and Microsoft 365 for a secure remote desktop from virtually anywhere.

It provides users with the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 11, allowing users with existing eligible Windows licences to save on costs.

But more on that below!


VMWare Horizon Cloud


VMWare Horizon Cloud supports all major browsers and devices, offers service on-site through Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud, and can scale to accommodate custom machines. It also helps maintain uptime, a huge concern for modern enterprises.

Some of the benefits of VMWare Horizon cloud include power management and a user-friendly GUI, while some criticisms include poor remoting features and a time-consuming setup process.

The most common users of VMware Horizon are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.


Amazon WorkSpaces


Another DaaS option, Amazon WorkSpaces provides affordable prices for small businesses and features offered by the more expensive options. It uses the PCoIP protocol for encryption and compression for data transfers and the SDX protocol.

Negative reception often focuses on a confusing user interface and issues with Virtual Private Networks, while other users compliment its Multi-Factor Authentication and well-functioning mobile access.


Citrix DaaS


With Citrix DaaS, you receive superior hosted desktop services ideal for any mobile workforce. You can connect to iOS/iPadOS, Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, and Android.

Also, it’s possible to seamlessly switch the device being used, all while maintaining an efficient workflow. Several plan options offer pricing based on how many users, licenses, features, and applications.

Citrix DaaS is praised by users for its security, ease of use and remote access but is often criticised for its complicated setup, dashboard interface and lack of customer support.


Kasm Workspaces


This virtual desktop option provides remote browser isolation, virtualised desktop infrastructure and containerised application streaming.

Some criticism has been directed towards the lack of mobile access and the ability for admins to log into all active sessions, while some praise has been directed towards the scheduling and user interface.


Our virtual desktop service of choice: Azure Virtual Desktop


While the above platforms each offer some benefits, our pick for the best virtual desktop service out there is Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop.


Straightforward setup


Azure Virtual Desktop is incredibly straightforward to set up. In the past, virtual desktops were more complex and challenging to install and this was especially true for smaller businesses that don’t have the needed server infrastructure.

Azure Virtual Desktop, however, is accessible to everyone. It provides a single user interface where you can manage and configure all your virtual desktop applications, assign different users, and collect various valuable diagnostic information.

And of course, it provides the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 11 that most end users already know and can use effectively.




Azure Virtual Desktop also offers a cost-effective pay-as-you-go model that adds to its scalability and flexibility, while the maintenance and management aspects of the platform make it stand out from the other available solutions. Plus, users can save on costs by using existing eligible Windows licences.


Excellent control


Additionally, the ability to give employees restricted or full access to the entire desktop experience means that you can control what each employee sees and doesn’t see.

Azure Virtual Desktop is simply the best option on the market in terms of extensibility, storage, compliance, security, scalability, reliability and continuity of operations.


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Calnet IT Solutions – your Azure Virtual Desktop provider


Calnet IT Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we have earned the highest level of ability, knowledge, and competency available as part of Microsoft’s widely-recognised partnership program.

Since we are a supplier of these solutions, we know how your business can benefit from the technology and our experienced staff is here to provide advice and guidance at each step of the process.

As a supplier of Azure Virtual Desktop solutions, we know how much your business can benefit from this technology and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to let Azure Virtual Desktop provide your business with the solutions and opportunities it deserves.

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